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Securing Windows and Doors

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Windows and doors are the most common points of entry for burglars to enter your home – so it’s an absolute home security must to make sure that they are both secure. It’s always important to predict any potential holes in your security, so that they can be addressed quickly before any unfortunate incident pops up.

There’s a few easy and simple measures that one can take that helps make your home safer and more secure. The National Crime Prevention Council has estimated that most burglars only spend a few minutes trying to break into your home. If you take these easy security steps, it will make it much more difficult for them to enter your home, increasing the likelihood that they will just give up. Ensuring your home security can be an intimidating process for most people, because there’s just so many options and products available. It’s the smartest choice to simply rely on professional opinions as to what the best products and strategies are. Here’s Eagle’s top recommendations for securing  your home windows and doors.


Exterior Entrances

These doors should have deadbolt locks installed – providing an extra bit of security that protects your home whenever you’re home. Deadbotls are usually visible from outside, and are notoriously difficult to break, signaling to any burglar that comes around that it won’t be easy to break into your home. It’s the most effective when paired with other types of locks.  They are often used in tandem with locks that are built into doorknobs – and any effective deadbolt should have (at the shortest) a length of one inch, and will be built out of solid (rather than plated) metal.


Sliding Doors

These doors can be a picturesque and lovely aspect of a home, but they are a form of security hole – making it really important that you always secure them with keyed locks that get installed at the upper and lower parts of the door. Try reinforcing the door’s glass with polycarbonate layers of panels, making them much harder to shatter if they get hit.



Make sure to install window lock, since window are incredibly common methods of entry for burglars. If your windows slide open, install keyed bolts that show on the outside  f as a deterrent. If your windows are doublehung, simply secure them with a sturdy locking pin. If you’re unsure as to what type of window lock is best for you, ask the trusty lock experts at Eagle’s.


Shatterproofing Windows

This will help protect against the burglars determined enough to break through windows to enter your home. Simply install a thin film on the windows that’s meant to hold the glass together even when it gets broken, preventing it from falling out and allowing the burglar a space large enough to enter your home. This isn’t necessarily the most COMMON way burglars come through homes (usually they simply ENTER an unlocked window and prefer not to make noise from shattering glass,) but it’s always wise to take every precaution possible to protect your family and your valuable possessions.

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