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School Security Locks Cincinnati, OH

School Security Locks Cincinnati, OH
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Now that School is back in session, parents likely have a lot more free time on their hands. This is the perfect opportunity to brush up on your home safety and school security locks Cincinnati, OH procedures. Here’s some excellent back to school security locksmiths and safety tips. This blog post prepared by the security experts at Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati.

Following School Security Locks Cincinnati, OH Procedures

Schools have safety and security procedures in place for a reason, to help protect everybody in the building. When you visit, always remember to sign in and out, especially if one of your children is leaving early for any reason. Always keep your visitor pass openly displayed on your body. It’s just a way to make everyone in the community feel more safe.

Brush Everyone Up on Emergency Procedures

It’s important that your children understand how to act when an emergency occurs. This applies to both their school and your home. Prepare for eventualities by reading your school handbook with your children. As well as implementing a potential fire or break in plan at your own home. This can include preparing a designated place for the whole family to meet if they get separated. So it is important to make sure every family member is familiar with all exits at both school and home.

Extra Safety Planning for School

Make sure your children feel safe at their new school by discussing all aspects of their experience there with them in an open and honest fashion. In case your children need to be picked up by another trusted adult that isn’t you, make sure you and your children decide on a pre-set safety phrase to ensure that they are leaving with the right person. Additionally, you should consider setting up a smart home security system that you can control with your smartphone – tons of fantastic options for these systems are available!

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