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Residential Locks Rekeying Services And FAQ

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Residential Locks Rekeying

Here, at Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati we sometimes get asked questions about our residential locks rekeying services. It might seem like it might be a straightforward process. Rekeying locks for residential use can affect the efficacy of the entire operation of the installed hardware. Here’s a brief guide that can help you understand better how locks work. Also get answers that might give you some ideas to deal with any lock issue provided by the best locksmiths in the industry.

How to choose if my lock needs to be rekeyed or replaced?

As long as your locks are in a good condition, then rekeying a lock can be your best option. If the lock is damaged or you desire to have new locks installed, then rekeying can be the last part of the service. Because in order to match all of the locks on the same key, you must rekey the locks before or during installation. So just make sure that all your locks are the same brand in order to match them on the same key. Your trusted locksmith can definitely assist you with all residential locks rekeying services at your property.

What is the difference between rekeying a residential lock compared to commercial lock?

Professional locksmiths can rekey a residential lock a bit easier in comparison to commercial locks that can be more complicated. Residential common locks are usually 5 pins and easy to operate. Commercial locks can be 5, 6 and even 7 pins for better security. As a result, it takes more time to rekey specific locks especially when it comes to providing a master key system. Ask your local locksmith how you can get assistance with your home and business security needs.

How much does it cost to rekey a lock?

Most legit locksmiths will charge you by the hour, per lock or will give you a flat fee for the service. Be aware that rekeying a lock at your home can be a little more than a brand new lock in the store. The reason for that is that you are paying for the labor and service call as well. Some locks will cost $50 and some will cost you $165 and it all depends on what needs to be done. It also depends if the locksmith needs to take the lock off the door, provide other service for door and frame adjustment and more. To be sure about the pricing it’s better to have a local locksmith near your area to give you a quote.

Is it recommended to rekey my locks when I move into a new house?

Absolutely! Neighbors and friends of the previous owner might have a copy of the key to your home. So it’s highly recommended to rekey or change the locks before you move in. To prevent unauthorized people gaining access to your new property, you need to contact a locksmith. Once your locksmiths company completed the rekey service, you can have a peace of mind at your new property.

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