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Home Lockout FAQ

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Here, as prepared by the experts at Eagle’s Locksmith, is a guide to the questions that we are frequently asked regarding residential home lockouts, along with our expert answers.


What should I do if I get locked out of my home?

Don’t worry, and call us right away. We understand how much pressure you might be under, but don’t attempt to force your way into your home, as this can further damage your property and end up accruing higher costs. Simply relax and wait for one of our expert technicians to get to your location.


How long does it take for a technician to get to my home?

This matters based on how close you are to our technicians, but usually it takes between 10 and 25 minutes for our mobile locksmith team to reach your home, often less than this.


Will my locks be damaged?

In the ideal scenario, no, your home locks will not be damaged. Our technicians will always employ entry methods that will allow your door to remain in working order, including techniques such as lock picking and lock bumping. However, in some situations, force will need to be applied, and the lock might need to be drilled out, causing it to need to be replaced – which our technicians can do quickly and effectively.


How long does it take until the lockout is resolved?

It usually takes our locksmiths between 20 and 30 minutes to remedy lockout situations, although in many cases it takes much more fast than this. This depends on how technically complex the door is. Our technicians can give you a more accurate time estimate as soon as they arrive to your house.


Can I drill my own locks if I’m in a rush?

We really really advise against this. We understand you might be in a huge rush, however an amaetuer drilling attempt will just cause undue damage to your lock and end up costing you even more cash and time. Instead of rushing for your drill, we stress that you should just rush to contact the experts here at Eagle’s Locksmith – and relax while our mobile locksmith technician team arrives direct at your location in a simple matter of minutes.


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