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Quality Locks Can Reduce Your Home Insurance Premiums – Get A Locksmith Service

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Improving your home security will not only help to keep you and your family safe and your property secure, it can also help you to save money! There are many benefits of making your home secured and failing to do so can actually cost you money. Home insurance providers require that you install a certain level of security depending on your location, the type of cover you choose and the provider you use.

Locks that meet the standards

You should choose locks for your doors and windows that meet the standards that are stipulated by your cover policy. This will help to ensure that you do not invalidate your insurance claim. If you have poor quality locks, if they are poorly maintained or never used, there is a real chance that your insurer will reject your claims. Make sure that you have good quality locks on your exterior doors and windows especially if you live in a high-risk crime area. Find out what your policy stipulates before buying locks or getting a locksmith service.

Better security and lower premiums

Most insurance providers tend to look favorably on homeowners who have installed high quality locks and other security systems like burglar alarms. The insurers are more likely to offer lower premiums to those with enhanced security than to those without. This means that apart from getting the peace of mind that comes with improved security, you can also save money when buying or renewing your insurance. Talk to a security expert about the best door residential locks for your home depending on your area.

Find out the locks available

When you decide to install new locks, it is a good idea to find out what is available. Doing your research will help to ensure that you get the best locks that you can afford. When applying for Home Insurance, the insurers can ask about the types of locks that you have on your exterior doors or on your patio windows. They also ask about the locks on the accessible windows, as many burglars tend to gain access into homes through windows. Your response can determine whether you get a discount!

Some options to consider

Fortunately, there are many types of locks in the market and you can get exactly what you need for your home. The five-lever mortice deadlock is one of the most secure locks in the market and having the locks fitted on your doors and windows will enhance your security. Multi-point locking systems that have 3 locking points are also great for the home. You can also find out about the rim automatic deadlocking dead latch that has a spring bolt that can be deadlocked using key or other methods.

If your external doors only have simple key operated locks, the insurer may insist that you install bolts. Installing key operated window locks is also recommended. Talk to a professional locksmith in Cincinnati who can inspect your home before giving recommendations about the best locks. Having the locks professionally installed will help to ensure that you comply with the insurance standards.

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