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Picking A Home Door Lock in Evendale, OH 45241

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Company Name: Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati

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Today 11/27/2014 a customer called me after she locked her keys in the house and found herself standing out in the freezing cold weather, waiting for me to come for picking a home door lock in Evendale, OH 45241 Cincinnati area. Even though it’s Thanksgiving and most of the locksmiths in Cincinnati are not working, there are a few companies she called before she contact me and they wanted to charge her extra for the holiday. I gave her a flat fair price of a $90 to come over and unlock the house for her. While I was on my way there, she called once again and told me that she’s at a friend’s house and couldn’t get a ride to her place and then she asked me if I can come and pick her up instead of letting her walking 20 minutes in the cold weather. Usually I don’t let customers a ride, but since it’s a holiday and 35 degrees outside, I decided to to help her with that as well. When we arrived I saw one deadbolt lock and the bottom one was a Skeleton old fashion lock handle. I’ve used W40 oil and play with the cylinder pins to make them smoother and I picked the lock with my manually pick gun. I always ask from my clients to bring their keys to make sure that it’s still working properly. My customer couldn’t find her key to that her front door lock and decided she want to have a new lock instead. I told her that her lock is in a good condition and I can make her a key to the current lock. She was very surprised that a locksmith can do things like that and I was explaining her that most of our client rather to have their locks rekeyed and save a lot.


Home Cylinder Lock Rekey Services By Eagle's Locksmith Cincinnati

Home Cylinder Lock Rekey Services By Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati



I picked the lock in about 5 minutes, the rekey way 7 minutes and I gave her two set of new keys. Before I left the location, I told my customer that I highly recommend to have one key for all of the locks around the house and gave her my business card with 15% off future discount if she will decide to go for it. Overall she was happy with my Emergency Locksmith service and the fair price with no extra fees. Visit my Google plus page to read more about recent posts, adventures and different Locksmith Services in Cincinnati that I provided for customers that were locked out of their car, home and business.

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