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Many of us are getting ready to end the beautiful summer of 2022. With the Covid almost gone, we feel much free to walk around and do what we love. Locksmiths Cincinnati Ohio back to school program is provided by Eagle’s team. With all the excitement and before the new school year coming up, we must remember to keep our home and business secure. In this blog post, Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati will walk you through the steps on how to maintain your home locks.

Locksmiths Cincinnati Ohio For Home Lock Repair

So how locksmiths Cincinnati Ohio for home lock repair can really help you? Well, before you make the call to any locksmiths company, you want to hear this. Some residential door locks need a minor attention and guess what, you just made a lock repair on your own. For instance, if you can’t turn your key or it’s hard to insert the key all the way, then use W40 oil spray. The oil will smooth the pins inside the cylinder lock and that might solve the issue. However, that is not always the case, if it doesn’t work, you should take the lock off the door to check the problem, if you feel comfortable enough doing so. Of course we all want to save money, but if you can’t do it, call a locksmith. But at least you know that trying a simple step won’t hurt you.

Rekeying A Lock After Lost Keys

After a great vacation you may see that your keys are missing and can’t get it to your house. Well, in this case you have a few options and the first one is to find a locksmith near me online to rekey your current locks. Second option is to buy a new lock and install it yourself, but if you have multiple locks then a locksmith service may be a cheaper way to go. BTW, if you have lots of locks that are already keyed the same, then a locksmith can make you the same key you lost. By picking one of the locks and finding the key cuts, you will have the key as before. However, if you lost your keys near your home, then rekey all locks on a different key. So whoever finds the old keys to your house, won’t be able the get access.

Alarm Deadbolt Locks

Some companies like Yale and Schlage have alarm deadbolt locks for sale that are connected to your phone. By downloading the app, you can enjoy locking and unlocking your door locks from anywhere in the world. Contact your locksmith service in your area to provide you the proper installation and you can do the rest. Many people go on vacation and their dog sitter locks the keys inside the house. In cases like this, simply use your phone and let them in with a click of a button. Here, at Eagle’s Locksmiths Cincinnati Ohio we pride ourselves on providing all the above locksmith services and taking care of your home security needs.

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