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Locksmith Security Tips For Summer

Locksmith Security Tips
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If you are planning a last minute vacation before summer ends, you must consider a few things. Burglars just woke up from their winter nap and now ready for “work”. So, get the top locksmith security tips for the summer as prepared by Cincinnati Residential Locksmith. Here, at Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati we take pride in assisting our customer with any home security all year long.

Locksmith Security Tips For Summer 2023

Most of the tips you are about to read are based on facts and opinions of our team of experts, here at Eagle’s Locksmith in Cincinnati, Ohio. So, always remember that the last call to take any action is 100% yours. Please continue to read and get ready before your next summer trip.

Leave Your Home Lights On Before Travelling

By leaving your home lights on, you basically show that someone is at home at all times. However, you can buy auto switches to turn the lights off during the day and save on your electric bill. So, if any burglar sees lights on, he most likely moves on to the next property.

Do NOT Share Your Trip Details

Many people are excited for their summer trip and share on social media where and when they are leaving. This is absolutely wrong! As we all already know that everyone can see your post and share it online. So, by doing that, you may create an opportunity for someone to break into your home. Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati team recommends you to share it, but only after you get back home safe.

Notify Your Neighbors and Friends

So, while you are having fun on the beach, you always want to have an extra eye on your property. Let your loved ones know that you need them to keep an eye around the house. Also, use your neighbors and friends relationship to stop by and check from time to time.

Think Like A Burglar

By putting yourself in a burglar’s shoes, you may think outside the box to take extra security. You have to think what would a burglar do first to try to get into your house. For example, don’t leave on your patio valuable items. Also, if you have windows around the house that leads to the basement, then you want to install steel bars. So, always think about the “soft” points of your house that a burglar may try to break in.

Install An Alarm System

When you install an alarm system, that allows you to monitor the activity inside the house with a motion sensor. Furthermore, you can get alerts to your mobile device and take action in real time by calling the police. However, if a burglar already got in, you also can call your local locksmith to change the locks. So, now you can continue your summer vacation with peace of mind by following these tips.

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