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Jiggler keys and burglary

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There’s a new burglary tool being used called jiggler keys – they can be purchased online, or configured from existing car keys. When placed in the hands of a thief, especially one with an amount of persistence, these keys can be used to activate your ignition and allow the criminal to drive away inside your car.

Jiggler Keys

Many people who use jiggler keys specifically target older models of vehicles, since their ignition switches are more likely to get worn out quickly. This is due to the amount of times that the correct key has been inserted- eventually the tumblers inside the lock get worn down, allowing for jiggler keys to trick the ignition into starting. Any older model of car will be more at risk, as it’s ignition will be more worn down, and it will likely not need a transponder key to start the vehicle – making it susceptible to the use of jiggler keys.

Preventing Burglary

Fortunately, there’s a few ways that you can avoid this happening to you and your vehicle. If your car is newer, and requires a transponder key to work, you can rest easy – simply making sure your doors are locked should be enough, and if you want to be really careful, purchase a club to place over your wheel. Clubs are fantastic at deterring thieves from targeting your vehicle, as even if they can start it with their fake keys, they won’t be able to steer it, making the entire attempt to steal your car pointless for them.

Another defense is the installation of an ignition kill switch, which can be easily installed and turned on and off as you enter and exit the vehicle. Another great tip is to avoid parking in dark areas, and instead parking right under a light, at a busy intersection, outside a store, inside a guarded and monitored parking facility – and if possible, inside a garage.

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