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How to Prevent Lock Bumping

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Lock bumping, a break-in method, was perfected in the 1970’s. Back then, it was performed by tapping against a lock’s cylinder while applying pressure. The pins would shift inside the cylinder, and the plug would simply slide out. This served as both a handy process for locksmiths and criminals – and still does, due to the manufacture of special lock bumping keys that make it even simpler to break into tumbler locks. There are a few great measures to help prevent your property from being a victim of lock bumping.


Security Cameras

Since it’s difficult to detect signs of lock bumping after it occurs, it’s not easy to prove that it happened to insurance companies that suspect a fraudulent claim, without hiring a professional forensic locksmith, which can be expensive. To prevent this, and as an extra security measure, place cameras by the main doors to your property. This serves as a great deterrent as well.


Have your neighbors keep their eyes open

By establishing a good relationship with your neighborhoods, you can foster an environment where you look out for each other. In case anything suspicious seems to be happening, your neighbors can alert you or the police. Consider establishing an official neighborhood watch to keep your area safe on a steady schedule.


Anti-lock Bumping Device

There’s a bunch of fantastic anti-lock-bumping devices available today which prevents the thumb turn mechanism of a deadbolt from turning. The deadbolt is made unable to retract inside the lock. However, this device also makes it impossible for the keyholder to open the door when it’s in place. Consider this tool if you’re leaving property unattended for an extended period of time.


Security Pins

Ask your locksmith to install these specialty pins that bind together – making it much more difficult for criminals to pick it. While this isn’t completely secure from the most expert picker, it will absolutely work to prevent quick entrances and exits for the burglars attempting to enter your home.


High Security Locks

By installing bump and pick proof locks, like those offered by the brand Mul-t-lock, you can protect your home with security features that resist drilling, picking, or key duplication. High security locks are made out of the strongest material on the consumer market, and have heavier and more durable mechanisms than standard locks. Installing these locks are a must if you want to have the most stringent security possible.


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