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How Do You Select an Emergency Locksmith Service?

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Emergencies come at you at ungodly hour in ungodly format. They have no specific time or look, they just hit you out of nowhere and you are left stranded. It’s like a pop quiz, happens anytime and unless you are prepared for it, you will come out scratched bruised and hurt. Image that its peak hour and you are locked out of your home office. There is a turkey in the oven for a lovey a lovely Cincinnati thanksgiving and you have lost your key.

Emergencies are always unpredictable and unknown. You are never in your best form to come out of it smiling. Damage to your lock or a closed door is enough to throw you off schedule. The repercussions can be disastrous. One can never be perfectly prepared for it but making adequate arrangements beforehand is a great idea. That way if you have emergency, you will come out of it, unscathed, with few tricks up your sleeve.

One thing to note here is that you absolutely have to have a reliable and available locksmith company in your contact. They should be efficient and affective. There is no use if the locksmith opens the door by unhinging the door itself, leaving you with a door shaped pathway straight to your house! The locksmith has to be a professional, who knows the tricks of the trade, who is experienced and most importantly, quickly. You wouldn’t want a laid back talkative and distracted chap to do the work while your turkey burns to ashes!

How do you get the right guy who clicks and makes the key that gets the lock to click as well? There are no specific criteria to get the right locksmith but few basic outlines will help you make the decision. Go through our list and find the right guy for you.

Public knows it all!

It the reputations of the locksmith that will help you judge the locksmith. You can’t simply allow anyone to handle the locks of your property. It is important that you have the honest and decent locksmith who wouldn’t use the skill for ulterior motives. Trust is the key here and trust alone makes a wonderful reputation for you. The brand and team you choose has to be trustworthy.  After trust comes the level of service. Ensure that the team you go for has a good reputation service-wise. They have to have the experience to cope up with your problem.


When there is an accident you have an emergency number like 911 who rush to help immediately. The reason why they are trusted is that they are prompt and have great response time. You need to have a locksmith at your beck and call 24*7*365. When you have an emergency, you have no patience to wait in line to reach a locksmith. Timings shouldn’t be a restriction as well. Emergency can come anytime and the locksmith should be reachable during the same time as well.


Residential and commercial locks are different and the locksmith has to be able to handle every situation. This can happen if the locksmith is experienced one. The most preferred locksmith is the one who can handle every situation. They will get you in through your door, without damaging the door.

Money Matters

Quality, efficiency and effectiveness. This is desired traits of an emergency locksmith. He has to be reachable but in the way that’s easy on your pockets. He has to be cost effective. Asking exorbitant amount in exchange for timely service is not something you want to deal with during an emergency. Be well prepared to avoid such issues.

Get a local guy.

Just like health care, you have to go for the option that’s closest to you and knows your area well. The situation may not be as dire as healthcare ones, but the conditions and the reasons behind it are all the same. The locksmith has to know your area well to reach there quickly; they have to be local so that transfer of the materials required for unlocking is very convenient. They should know the place around you well enough that they can traverse the layers easily and efficiently. For additional information contact Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati at 513-202-4240.

This is the new long latch I installed for the old fashion Doorknob lock.

This is the new long latch I installed for the old fashion Doorknob lock.


Time is of great importance during such situations as you will to be in any mood to loiter around for hours on end waiting for the locksmith to arrive. People may try to self-remedy the situation and that may lead to bigger problems. They may try to knock the door down or get in through the window or arouse the entire neighborhood. Doing this will land you in trouble for sure. To avoid all this, please take time now to find a good locksmith, do the needful research and be prepared for the emergency. You do not want to do all this at the last minute and get stuck with the short straw.

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