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Essential Tips to Prevent Burglary

How Can I Protect My Business From Burglary? - Eagle's Locksmith Cincinnati
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As a home or business owner, there are a number of strategies you can adopt to prevent burglary. These strategies range from the preventative to the corrective – and while self-maintaining and simple , take place both inside and outside the house. Eagle’s Locksmith is sharing with you essential tips to prevent burglary. If you’re leaving for the weekend, going on vacation – or even at work – these tips will make your home more secure.


Security for outside your home

These pre-security measures will be useful to implement in your front yard, backyard, deck, or the side of your house. If lights are installed outside your home, it will discourage any potential burglars (who of course prefer being concealed in the dark) – there are many options for front lights (illuminating beams or diffused lamps,) many of which can be set to remote timers to save energy and work with your schedule.


A similar effect can also be employed with a “beware of dog” sign, or a sign informing of a security/alarm system in place that automatically calls police. Bush and plant placement – as well as a clear driveway – can be strategically implemented to increase the range of visibility for you and your neighbors. Prickly bushes can be installed close to your home – and all plants blocking visibility of footpaths should be trimmed.


Lastly, as an essential rule, all important items (tools, bicycles, etc.) should be safely secured in a locking shed or garage – along with all ladders or ropes, or any other object that could be used to enter your home. And never leave your keys outside!


Security tips for home/office interiors

These tips increase the basic security of the structure of your home — and can be all implemented at the same time for added security when you are on vacation or away. First off, it helps to have visibility of the outside of your home – windows or a peep-hole by your front door are essential, as it helps you see anything happening outside your home.  Make sure all light switches are accessible, that your blinds can cover your windows, and that a phone is readily available inside the home. Make sure all your doors and windows can lock effectively.


The most common way for burglars to get entry into a home is by pretending they are some sort of technician or official; it’s important to always ask strangers for identification before letting them into your home as well as your address – if they’re not an official, the chances are they wouldn’t have your address memorized.

While you’re away, it’s a good idea to leave a talk radio on to give the impression of people being home. It would also help to leave lights on in certain rooms – or attach lights to timers in order to effect a sense of movement inside the house. It’s also important to maintain a relationship with your neighbors – you can notify them (or a close friend) when you’re leaving, and if they can check up on the house when you’re gone to make sure everything is alright. Giving them a spare key couldn’t hurt – but like I said before, never hide your keys outside!!


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