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Cincinnati Locks Repair Service

Commercial Lock Repair in Cincinnati, Ohio
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Every home and business have locks that need to get more attention as far as maintenance and lock replacement. Due to a high volume of locks for each property, here at Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati locks repair service, we offer to fix your current lock so you can still use the same hardware the works for you better. So before calling a locksmith service for business or home, read this post first.

Locks Repair Service And Maintenance

Some people think that once to have a new lock installed it last forever. In the real world, you must take the right action to keep your lock in a good condition. Try to avoid from replacing your lock again. Before you get help for Locks repair service and maintenance, start by checking the issue of your lock. Most common issues are fixable like you can’t insert the key to the lock cylinder all the way. Well, try W40 (oil) to make the pins smoother. Why the handle is loose? maybe try to tighten the screws. So lots of small issues like these can be fixed quickly. Other things like falling handles off the door or spinning keys, need to get the lock repaired asap so it won’t effect other parts and the doors in other cases.

Cincinnati Lock Replacement And Installation

Whether you own a house or run a business, a lock must operate properly and be in a good condition for safety reasons as well. At Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati lock replacement services, we take care or your residential lock by trying to repair first and replace the locks, if needed. You also have the option to purchase your own locks and get only the lock installation service. Commercial locks are a little different, because there are many type of locks for business that will fit in to a specific door. For example, some of the commercial retail stores have a glass aluminum door that required a mortise lock set. Industrial mostly have a steel or other heavy duty doors. That requires a heavy duty lock, like mortise, lever handles, DETEX Alarm lock or a push bar. BTW, A locksmith for commercial can assist you with your industrial locks too.

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