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Cincinnati Commercial Security Tips

Cincinnati Commercial Security Tips - Locksmith For Business - Eagle's Locksmith Cincinnati
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In this blog entry, the Cincinnati commercial security team will detail the top security tips for Cincinnati retail properties. Here, at Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati will detail the top security tips for Cincinnati retail properties. However, not all tips will apply for your business and different solutions may appear by consulting your local commercial locksmith service.

Use Sight Obstructions For Your Retail Store

Monitoring the blind areas of your retail store is a must. For example, you can use an angle mirror for extra monitoring on the inside. So, that will help you see what is going on when the view is difficult to watch. Also, thieves “love” unclear windows, since it may be an easy access for them to break in. Once you follow these simple monitoring rules, you should be fine.

Commercial Deadbolts

In order to lower the chances of burglary, make sure to install high quality commercial deadbolts. So, high security deadbolt locks are much harder to break like ASSA and Medeco. Also, if your windows are located in the lower level, consider installing steel bars. That will prevent any burglar attempt once they see the bars. So, most chances are that they will walk away and not even try to get in.

Commercial Alarms For Business

Install a quality commercial alarm system for your business. So, that automatically connects to the local police or your monitoring alarm company. Also, a silent alarm installation can send a signal to the police so they know that someone is at your property. 

Cincinnati Commercial Security Tips For Gates

Preventing unauthorized access with automatic security gate push bar. So, that will automatically lock once the gate is shut. In addition, you can install a push bar with a key lock on the outside to let employees get in if you choose to let them access through the gate.

Train Your Employees The Right Way

Train your employees on a weekly basis to recognize suspicious activity during business hours. For example, most burglars are waiting for closing time when your employees are busy closing the store for the day. So, you should let them know to keep an eye on customers that are “taking their time” to view items. Taking extra caution will help you to achieve your security goals.

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