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Changing Locks Before Moving in To A New House

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If you just moved in to a new house and didn’t change your locks yet, please do ASAP. Your new home is the most important place you want to protect from unwanted people. It is recommended to contact your local residential locksmith in your area to make sure the job is done properly and to ask a professional company about extra security lock installation, if needed.

Smart Key Kwikset Deadbolt Lock By Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati

Prepare Yourself Before Moving In

Many people convince themselves that there is no rush to change locks and they rather finish with all the paper work on the closing date and then, maybe change or replace the locks. Even if you are interested in remodeling your new home and upgrade your locks to better quality and nicer locks, it is important for you to understand, that the previous owner might share the keys with family, friends and even neighbors. You can’t be sure 100% and can’t trust anyone when it comes to secure your property and family. It’s recommended to replace locks before or on the day you’re moving in.

Changing & Rekeying Locks

Most of our clients would like to rekey the locks instead of changing them and there are a few reasons for that, some of them like the old fashion hardware they have and want to keep it, some of the customers want to save money with rekeying service. A new residential lock doesn’t cost much, but after that to rekey the lock cost the labor time. If one of your locks are not in a good condition, then you must replace it and professional locksmith can make sure to install the lock the right way.

Frame & Door Adjustment

At Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati we sometimes get calls about locks that use to work fine and now doesn’t click. The click means latch! If your doorknob doesn’t latch with the frame strike plate, then you need a small adjustment. That happens a lot especially after a cold winter on wood doors. Also if its hard to turn the knob to get the door open, then what we do is replacing the strike plate and make sure everything is lined up correctly for a smooth turn. When it comes to door adjustment, we sometimes can use a tool to fix the door and in some cases you will end up replacing the door if its jammed. If you are moving in soon and need some assistance, please call us and we’ll be glad to help with any locksmith service you may need in Cincinnati, OH and Northern, KY area.

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