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Best Questions to ask a Commercial Locksmith

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When you’re searching for a lock, security, and access control installation team for your commercial enterprise, it behooves you to ask the right questions in order to determine whether the locksmith’s expertise will be beneficial for your business operations. Here’s a list of the most important questions to ask a commercial locksmith, as prepared by the expert commercial lock and security team at Eagle’s Locksmith.

Do you perform background checks on new employees?

You want to make sure that your locksmith performs background checks on new employees, since these personnel will be working on essential security framework for your business. You want to ensure that your business is being protected by personnel who are as trustworthy as possible.

Will you be able to offer full coverage as our business grows?

If you have eyes to increase the volume of your business, it’s likely that your lock, security, and access control needs will grow in turn. You want to make sure that this locksmith will be able to keep up with the growth of your business, providing you with all the necessary services you will require as your business expands.

Do you offer free estimates?

Most locksmiths that perform commercial services will charge for an evaluation of your security infrastructure – but the best locksmiths will provide free estimates of the costs of their lock and security projects for your business.

Do you use the latest technology?

Since burglary techniques are getting smarter just as technology is, you want to make sure that your locksmith company is utilizing the latest and greatest security technology in order to ensure your business is fully protected.

Do you do access control?

Access control is a key aspect of commercial security, and the best commercial locksmiths can provide a full range of access control installation, repair, and maintenance services as well as the requisite lock installation and repair services.

Do you have project referrals?

A trustworthy commercial locksmith will be able to provide you with referrals to similar projects they’ve carried out that match your needs, in order to prove to you that they have the skills and experience to give your business what it truly needs and deserves.

Do you utilize key restriction systems?

The most strong forms of commercial lock based security utilize restricted key systems, special keys and locks that prevent the risk of illegal and unauthorized key copying, ensuring full key control for your business – and providing you with the peace of mind in knowing that your commercial enterprise is fully protected.

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