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Why use a Master Key System?

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A Master Key is the key which can be applied to any door of the household. It is a special kind of key, which act as an opener for all the locks for which, it is built for.

Our life is surrounded with lock and key combinations. Hundreds of locksmiths can be seen wandering on the streets of Cincinnati, going to their workplaces to fix some sort of problem. The most common problem that they consider is loss of the key or misplacing it inside the house and getting locked out of the house. Another problem that is a major one is there are different keys to different locks of the house. So even if one key is lost, that part of the house becomes useless as one can’t go inside. So for that purpose, a master key is present, which acts as a key to all the locks at home.

Here is the new Shackle Padlock installed on the storage unit door.

Here is the new Shackle Padlock installed on the storage unit door.

The use of master keys and its manufacture has been carried out since a long time. In most of the cases, master keys are used in hotels where a risk of losing the key is much higher. But with the increasing awareness among the people, the use of master key is also increasing. The major reasons that people can use master key for include:

  • Use of master key eliminates the need to call for a locksmith at odd hours. It is commonly seen that tragedies of losing key occurs at odd hours. These are the time periods when the locksmiths charge the highest. Using master key in such a scenario might help as you won’t have to contact the locksmith, nor would there be a need to break in the house.
  • In places like Cincinnati, locksmiths cost a fortune. You might have to spend a high amount if you are planning to call him in odd hours. Master Keys are a solution to this problem too! You can get your master key built right at the time of installation of all the locks. Just as soon as the locks have been installed, you can check whether your master key is working or not. In the working scenario, it might act as a cost cutter when you are in a dire need of an alternative key.
  • In large buildings or commercial properties, there are a large number of locks. The security guards and the managers might have to carry a whole bunch of keys. Such load can be prevented easily by using a master key. This master key would open and close all the locking the building, and would eliminate the need of carrying those heavy bunch of keys to various regions.

Thus with the use of master keys, the security of an office, a building and even a house has been increased. People can simply use their copy of master key to prevent any sort of problem and probable damage that they would have provided to the property in a scenario that they won’t have been able to find their key.

The history of master key dates back a long time. Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati says that they first came into use when people had to lock all the doors with different keys. Carrying the bunch and selecting as to which key goes into which lock took a lot of time. So to save time and prevent the large amount of efforts put in, master key was devised. The use of master key never saw a downfall, and in fact, every household started getting a copy of their personalised master key to prevent all the large amount of efforts they would have otherwise went through!

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