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Unlocking A Car in Downtown Cincinnati, OH 45202

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Company Name:    Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati

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Today 05/29/2013 I had a phone call from a student at 6:30AM in the morning. Usually people call so early only when they need an emergency Locksmith. This customer locked his keys in the car in downtown Cincinnati, OH inside a garage parking lot. I was there in 25 minutes driving from Blue Ash area. He was waiting for me there and was very happy to see me and one of the reasons for that is that he called a few other companies in town and nobody showed up. The job from start to finish didn’t take long, but his car had dark windows and it was even darker inside the garage. So I used my flash headlight to see where is the right button I need to press on. Another issue I needed to deal with is when the customer gave me his credit card to make a payment, I couldn’t run the card because there was no reception in the parking lot and my credit machine didn’t respond to run the card. We ended driving outside the garage and do it all over again. I gave him my business card for next time he might locked himself out of a car or home and offer him 10% off for future assistance. After a little conversation with him I found out that one of his family members called me a couple months ago to change a few lock at a business in the west side of Cincinnati. Long story short, the client took a picture of me unlocking his vehicle and I didn’t know about it, so he sent me the photo and I decided to share it with you!


The customer took a picture of me and this how I look on action:




Our emergency locksmith is unlocking a car door

Our emergency locksmith is unlocking a car door


He was so happy with the service and he told me that is going to write about his experience with my service and help other customers know how I operate in town and what other locksmith services I offer. He gave me $20 extra for coming on time and let him in the car in just a few minutes. You can read his good feedback about me on my Yelp Locksmith in Cincinnati page.

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