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Smart Key Cylinder Lock Re-Key Cincinnati

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Locksmith Services: Smart Key Cylinder Lock Re-Key Cincinnati

Today 04/02/2014 a client lost his keys to the house in the Sharonville, OH area. He called us to find out if we can make a new key to all of the locks on his property. He called a few other locksmiths in Cincinnati and even one of them showed up at his home and told him that he must change the locks and there is no way he can match a key to this type of locks. When our locksmith came, he saw a smart key lock and in order to make a key for it, we use the smart key reset tool that I believe every locksmith should carry. If the client had the keys and still wanted to change them to a different keys, then the process was much easier for our technician. The smart key cylinder lock is made for easy key change in just a few seconds. I must say that it is a very common residential lock and not a high security one.

Our guy also offered him to install another dead bolt lock on the back of his house, since there was only a single doorknob lock on the door. In some cases you can use a credit card between the frame and the door and get it open. With a dead bolt lock that you can’t do that, and you must use a key or a some pick tool to unlock it. So he called his wife to confirm that they both want to have additional lock and our technician started with the fresh installation first, since they didn’t have a hall on the door to put on a new lock. Our guy was drilling a hall and was working on the frame as well to have the lock work properly. The work was completed in 50 minutes and the whole home lock rekey provided with the same key like most people want.

This is how it looks like…

Here is the smart key reset tool to make a key for smart cylinder locks.

Here is the smart key reset tool to make a key for smart cylinder locks.

I also decided to make a video for everyone to learn how we re-key a home smart key locks in a few simple steps!

Our technician did the work fast and made 4 keys to the customer. The customer was very  happy with the service and the knowledge of our guy on site. His rating was 5 stars and you can find his good feedback on our Cincinnati Locksmith page on Google Plus.

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