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Locksmith And Home Security

Locksmith And Home Security
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A good lock is the first line of defense against burglar attacks and other serious problems. Each and every property should be equipped with top quality locks. Especially if they are situated in neighborhoods where the crime rate is increasing. In order to have a better understanding of the safety and security of your house, here are several myths. In this blog post, Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati will share the Top 5 For Locksmith And Home Security needs.

All locks can be picked by “smart” thieves

As locks became more and more advanced, thieves also became more skillful when it comes to picking and breaking them. Locksmith and home security needs are very important nowadays. Still, you shouldn’t be worried about this. There are professional locksmith companies in Cincinnati as well as all over the world where high-security locks are sold. These locks cannot be picked whatsoever and they are virtually indestructible. So if you want to secure your company in Cincinnati, you are strongly encouraged to take advantage of these locks. And these locks, which are made from state-of-the-art materials, will definitely work great for your security needs.

Thieves won’t break into my house

Most people think like this and it is a mistake. It is like smoking constantly believing that lung cancer “won’t happen to me”. Burglars and thieves choose the houses which have the poorest defense systems. So if you do not get a modern door lock soon, you are at high risk.

All deadbolt locks provide the same level of security

Deadbolt locks and  padlocks for storage

 Deadbolt locks and padlocks for storage

This is not true. Deadbolt locks have various grades of security, deepening on the needs and preferences of the customer. For example, grade 1 locks are the safest ones and they are useful for industrial and commercial applications. They are also the most expensive ones. Grade 2 locks are moderately priced and suitable for commercial as well as residential properties. Lastly, grade 3 locks are the cheapest one on the market and they provide a minimal level of security. But still, they are better than nothing.

You can remove a broken key with a magnet or superglue

This is another common myth which is not true. In most cases, keys are made from brass and as a result, they won’t be attracted by a magnet. Additionally, the lock mechanism firmly holds the key in place. Similarly, using superglue is not a good idea as this method will fail in almost all cases and the lock can be damaged permanently. It is simply better to call a professional residential locksmith in Cincinnati and your problem will be solved.

My neighbor is watching my house, I watch his, so we are protected

This is another old and inefficient defense method encountered in many neighborhoods. It is not your neighbor’s responsibility to watch over your house when you are away and vice-versa. Also, most thieves attack during the night when everyone sleeps, so your neighbors cannot do anything in this case.

On the other hand, installing a top quality lock on your front entrance door is a better, safer and more efficient defense method. Our locksmith company in Cincinnati offers excellent locksmith services at reasonable prices, so call us if you want to sleep better at night or if you have a lockout emergency.

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