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Feel Like Trying Out A Keyless Door Lock? Call Your Cincinnati Locksmith

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Unless you are interested in absolute protection with a traditional deadbolt with many locks encompassed in it, having a keyless door lock would give you more security than you would need. It is also extremely convenient not to be rummaging through your pockets or bags whenever you stand in front of your doors in search of your keys. Having such a system is also a gift to those who lose their keys often, like younger children who have to come back home alone after school and would need to carry their own set of keys.

But remember that no system can be perfect and such keyless door locks can fail you at many times too. Such keyless door lock systems are mostly battery operated, and if you don’t replace the batteries or charge them adequately from time to time, then you might be out left in the cold without a way to get back into the house as well.

The benefits of having a keyless door lock

Electronic keypad locks for business installed by

Electronic keypad locks for business installed by

When you have a keyless door lock, your locks basically run on numerical codes. This is easy to set and easy to change by your local Cincinnati locksmith in case you have forgotten your combination, or someone has meddled with your lock and has changed the set of numbers needed to enter. Also you can add some security features to your numerical code to enter via your keyless lock. For example, you can set a particular temporary numerical code which would expire in a fixed period of time so that you would not get used to the same number and allow the wrong people to gain access easily. You can also set the features such that once you shut the door close, the lock would be activated in a mere few seconds so that no one can gain access quickly after you leave your door.

Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati can link your keyless door locks to a Bluetooth access that can be further linked to your smart devices, like your phone and your tablets. This way you can make sure that your door is locked even when you are far away from home, in case you are not sure if you had closed your door properly before you leave. This is a common problem for people with keyless door locks because you tend to get more worried without having to manually lock the door with a lock or with a key before you leave. This might leave you more afraid that you had not locked your property properly before leaving. Having Bluetooth access to double check would save you this worry.

Moreover, you also do not have to do the old style of hiding your keys under your mat or under your plant, because you won’t have the problem with keys any longer!

Possible downfalls of having keyless locks

Keyless door locks are like any machine, and they need power to run. As mentioned before, if you don’t charge the batteries or replace them in time then they are not going to function. Ideally, remember that you might need to replace the batteries at least once a year. Also, they might get spoilt over the long run with constant exposure to harsh weather conditions like the heat, wind, snow or rain. They might not perform as well in the summer and winter and you might need to tolerate that. Someone can also learn your code easily with your body language and break into your house, so be careful with you open your doors everyday!

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