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Emergency Residential Lock Change

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Most people think that an emergency residential locksmith means that you need assistance to unlock your car door or home. Here, at Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati, we get different type of emergency calls for lock change, rekey and more during the day and not just after hours. People are coming back form vacation during the summer time and found out someone broke into their house and now they must change the locks ASAP. In this blog post we’ll share some tips and experience from previous customers of Eagle’s Locksmith team.

Why Do I Need An Emergency Lock Change?

An emergency lock change takes place when you must change your locks right away without waiting over night. That means that you contact an emergency locksmith to help you with this service in the next few hours for security purposes. Due to the high volume of breaking in to houses and businesses in Cincinnati, we take pride to assist our customers safe and provide a fast emergency locksmith service to any location in the greater Cincinnati, OH and Northern, KY. Unfortunately people have all kind of situations, like divorce, break in, unfaithful employee and more. So most of us believe that its enough good reason to change the locks and prevent access for the unwanted people.

The Difference Between Lock Change and Lock Re-Key

Lock change is a service that a locksmith will replace the whole hardware and install a brand new lock on a door. Lock Re-Key means that a locksmith will change the pins inside the cylinder lock housing and provide new keys while you can still use your existing hardware. Of Course that rekeying a lock is the cheapest way to go, but in some cases, like when the lock is not operating the right way, you may consider replacing to a new lock or modern hardware. Also, many locks are old but still works fine, so when you choose o rekey a lock that does not meant its going to works nice and smooth, since the hardware is probably old. Bottom line is better be safe then sorry, so if you contact a local locksmith for emergency lock change, it is your call to make it happen.

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