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Bad Ideas to avoid When Locked out of Your House at 2 A.M. – Get A 24/7 Locksmith

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Sometimes the simplest of things will spoil your amazing night out. Or it may aggravate an already lousy one you may have had. The simple thing that can twist you up real good is a key. The tiny little thing, if lost, that will prevent you from getting into your own home. Image yourself coming home from a lovely concert or a marathon study session or major work jam at office. You come back at 2 am and go ’Hey, where is my stupid key! “Alas, it’s not on you now and you are stuck outside your home at 2am in Cincinnati. What should you do? Well, we have a list of what you shouldn’t do at all. It may seem sensible now but imagine you on the road at 2am and some of the ideas may seem smart. They are not! Beware. Here is a list of bad ideas to avoid when locked out of your house at 2am.

It’s not a good idea.

It’s understandable that you reach home tired, hungry and almost ready to crash. It may happen you have a lot of pending work and can’t wait to get in. Whatever maybe the reason, know that it’s better to calm down before you take any drastic and rash step that will boomerang back on you. Many ‘bright’ ideas may strike, thanks to lots of sitcoms and movies and what not, but stay away from them. Refer the list for some guidance.

Don’t go Knock-knock

Know that unless your neighbor is a locksmith or has a spare key, it’s not at all sensible to wake them up at all. It is senseless to think that they can help you in anyway. Also it is unlikely that they will open the door at 2am. Besides if you go knocking at that hour, they may take you for a burglar and the results will be disastrous. Spoiling someone’s night for no good reason is not a good idea. Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati is ready and have a 24/7 locksmith on call.


Rekeying a residential Kwikset lock

Rekeying a residential Kwikset lock


Wrong key won’t work.

Remember the episode where Penny from ‘the big bang theory’ puts the car key in the key hole instead of the apartment key and is stuck out with her groceries, well that was stupid move, wasn’t it? At 2am it may not seem so stupid. You may slide in some other key and it may go in easily. That is not triumph for when the key gets stuck, it will be a mega jam, you can force it open, spend all your strength and what you get, well a jammed door. Now you will have to replace the lock as well. The locksmith will give you an earful as well.

Window is not the way in, even the second floor one.

Many a movies have shown people popping the window to get inside. It seems easy peas there but you are in no position to break into your home at 2am of the night. First floor window would be safely and securely locked. The second window would seem like an option. In bright daylight you can dig out a ladder and play daredevil but in the middle of the night with o one to support you and the low visibility, it will be a disaster. Throw out the idea of going in through the second floor window. It’s out of question. You wouldn’t want to be out on the street with a broken leg now, would you?

Don’t go 911

when they tell you that fire department and police are there for you in case of emergency. Your personal problem may seem hell for you but they don’t merit enough to be taken as a case of emergency by the authorities. Worst case, you will be arrested for tying up the emergency resources for frivolous matters. That’s like adding oil to fire. You wouldn’t want to involve them for something this silly. It is frustrating for you but doesn’t mean that you get all panicky and get all the more tangled up.

Kicking the door or trying to get in through force will damage the door and probably damage your foot in the process. If you go too far in the process of damaging the door, you will probably have to replace the door as well. Such rash and seemingly bright solution will get you into more trouble then you actually are.

Having seemed what all things you shouldn’t do, here is one thing you should do and do not what till you are stuck out of the home. This step should be done before hand to save you a lot of trouble. Get in touch with a 24 hour locksmith. There are going to be a lot of them in a city like Cincinnati. Get in touch and avail their service for they can get you inside your home in a jiffy.

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