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Are You Fumbling With A Faulty Mortise Lock? – Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati

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Mortise locks are basically locks which are placed in doors’ mortises. This specific placement would help to make sure that the lock functioning is completely covered by the front and back portions of the door. These locks are nothing of the modern days and they have existed in the residential and commercial industries for more than a hundred years. Your house and office place might also have such mortise locks encompassed in their systems especially if your doors are of the older fashion. Both olden time and recent time mortise locks both use the lever technology in them and that has remained as a constant over the years. Mortise locks were specifically popular over the 19th and 20th century and they are still popular till today.

Having to repair a faulty mortise lock

Although mortise locks can seem complicated and although they are of the older fashion, you should not panic when something goes wrong with your own mortise lock. Call a Cincinnati reliable locksmith in terms of helping you repair the lock and rest assured, it should be fixed in no time. Mortise locks tend to be expensive so instead of getting them replaced when something goes wrong with it, opt for them to be repaired instead. Sometimes, your trustworthy locksmiths would be able to add in new elements to your current mortise locks which can help them function better without future mishaps. Such elements may not have been present when they were first made years ago, but are easily added on to their existing structure with modern ideas and technologies.

Mortise modifications

Along with the mortise lock repair, you can choose to add a few more features if you like. For example, the mortise cylinder additions can be added in to give you additional protection and security for your doors. They can work very well with high security lock mechanisms. Most mortise locks are made to work well with mortise cylinders so they can be added on easily for you to benefit from them.

You can also modify your mortise locks to make them more convenient for yourself or to make them look better for your place. You can add knobs like cast knobs onto your mortise locks and with this you can decorate your door especially if you are working on the inner side of the door and lock. Normally mortise locks come with a very basic design and might look too plain if you are looking to make your door fancy enough to fit your residence or office.

Repairing mortise locks is simple

Repairing mortise locks is a simple and straightforward process, so do not worry if something goes wrong with your mortise lock. If your lock body can be removed from the door without damaging the lock cylinder, then the repair process is very easy. Problems associated with the functioning of mortise locks are not something rare, and in fact it is something common, but this should not resort you to removing the locks and throwing them away. Remember repairing them is an easy process so try to do that first!

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