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5 Padlocks That Are Great Replacements For Your Faulty Locks

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Faulty locks are considered as hazards in one’s home and workplace so you would have to get them replaced as soon as possible. Different applications now suit different types of padlocks, and it would be best if along with a replacement to a new padlock, you could also get a padlock more suited for the application. This would encourage more protection and also help you by being user-friendly for that particular application. In this article, we will take you through 5 such padlocks and explain to you their specific purpose, so that you can be well-informed in making your choice when replacing your faulty lock.

Americans with Disability Act locks

Americans with Disability Act locks, which are also known as ADA locks, are customized locks built to be more convenient for users. It has a combination that is built-in for the lock, and so the lock can be opened manually with a key, or also by keying in the combination. There is a pin tumbler in the middle of the lock, allowing people to access it with a key and not struggle with keying in the right combination. Such locks are really convenient and are usually seen in almost any kind of lockers, but more commonly in schools.

Padlocks made up of aluminum

Aluminum padlocks are very light-weighted and they are also resistant to corrosion. These aluminum padlocks are generally suited for a more industrial purpose, and are used on applications which don’t really need that much of security. Aluminum padlocks can be used to secure tool boxes, gun cases, gate latches and other applications which require generally less security because although these aluminum padlocks can keep groups of people like children out of reach of these dangerous items, they are not strong enough to protect thieves from breaking into them.

Bike locks

Bicycles and motorbikes nowadays come in various styles and so the locks also have to cater to their structures. There are cable locks, U-locks and even cuff locks for bicycles and motorcycles. Each of these locks have a specific way of handling them, for example, you have to ensure that your cable or U-locks are brought through each of the set of spokes so that you don’t allow someone to just steal one of your wheels. For motorbikes, try getting a lock like steel cuff lock, or heavy duty chains so that thieves with bolt-cutters are kept away from your vehicles.

Cabinet locks

You can lock your cabinets and your drawers up with the more modern electronic locks and cam locks. There are many popular brands available in the market like Kit Lock brand and Cam Latch locks from Sasamee. You can use these locks on First Aid cabinets, lockers, cupboards with valuables and other confidential items, desk drawers and other home storage furnishing, basically to keep children out of reach and to keep other household members from accessing your items easily.

Door key padlocks

Securing your house’s main door and other doors is very important and this is where door key padlocks come in useful. These door key padlocks are of the same kind of cylinders as the door levers and door knobs. There are many trustworthy brands available like Sargent, Weiser and Schlage like many of us would have seen and heard around. There are also modification options available in getting these door key padlocks such that you can get locks without cylinders so that you can put in the your own cylinders to complete the lock.

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